Remembering Our Veterans

While November 11 is a special day set aside for honoring all those who have served our country, A Salute To Our Heroes Foundation honors our Veterans and Active Military every day and in everything we do.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your service!

John F. Alfano
U.S. Marine Corps / Gulf War

Alyssa Catherine Alfano
U.S. Marine Corps

Mary Arvidson
U.S. Navy

Robert L. Bailey
U.S. Air Force / Vietnam War

Lowell W. Baker
U.S. Army / WWII / Served under Gen. George Patton
Recipient of a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star

Donnie L. Beavers
U.S. Army

Matthew J. Bourgeois
Chief Petty Officer E-7
U.S. Navy Seal

Captain Thomas Bratton
U.S. Air Force / Afghanistan

Jerry Christopherson
Sergeant E-5
U.S. Army

John Clyde
Specialist 4
U.S. Army / Vietnam

Melvin J. Collins
U.S. Navy / WWII / Rescue Swimmer for USS FRANKS DD554
Awarded Bronze Star and Navy & Marine Corps Medal of Honor

Jim Creighton
E-4 Corporal
U.S. Marine Corps / Arlington National Cemetery Washington DC

George W. Dieball
2nd Class Petty Officer / Water Tender (Boilerman in Engine Room)
U.S. Navy

Specialist Brian Emrys
U.S. Army / Iraq and Afghanistan Conflict

John Eugene Feuerschwenger
U.S. Army / Vietnam

Mark N. Gentile
U.S. Army / National Guard, 1968-1976

Nick Gentile
U.S. Army / World War II, 1941-1945

Charles A. Gruber
U.S. Marines / Vietnam War

Sergeant Marcos L. Gudino
Medic / 1st Battalion / 178th Infantry Regiment
Illinois National Guard

Herb Hanson
U.S. Navy

Michael Haywood
U.S. Army

John Paul Humphreys
U.S. Army

Tom Jackson
Specialist 4
U.S. Army / Vietnam Era

Daniel W. Johnson
U.S. Air Force / Desert Storm

Michael C. Juza
U.S. Army / Vietnam War

Peter J. Kneipper, Jr.
U.S. Army Corps / WWII

Charles Lascola
U.S. Army / Vietnam

Joseph D. Lascola
U.S. Army / World War II / 1941-1945

Joseph P. Lascola
U.S. Air Force

Bill Lowe
Sgt. E-5
U.S. Army / Airborne / Vietnam Era

Jim Mann
E-5 SSG (Staff Sgt)
U.S. Navy / Grenada Era

Spc. Ethan J. Martin
1st Squadron, 40th Calvary / 140th Calvary Airborne / 4th BDE / 25th Infantry Division
U.S. Army / Afghanistan

Corporal Alex Martinez
1st Combat Engineer Battalion / 1st Marine Division /1st Marine Expeditionary Force
U.S. Marines / Afghanistan

Henry Mayfield, Jr.
Specialist 1st Battalion, 58th Aviation Regiment, 164th Theater Airfield Operations Group
U.S. Army / Manda Bay Kenya

Ian Paul McLaughlin
Staff Sgt. 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne
U.S. Army / Afghanistan

Richard L. Meir
U.S. Army / Korean War

Carl F. Moore
U.S. Coast Guard

Gilbert Ernest Oleson
Captain of the C Battery of the 10th Armored Division
U.S. Army / WWII – Battle of the Bulge

James L. Owsley
U.S. Army / Vietnam War

Robert Plazewski
U.S. Air Force / Vietnam War

Jose Salas
U.S. Army

Dennis A. Sandblom
U.S. Army / Vietnam War

Ray Schaefer
U.S. Army / WWII, Italy

Harry R. Schneider
U.S. Army / Vietnam War

Burton (Bud) Schorr
Specialist 4
U.S. Army / Vietnam

James Smith
U.S. Army

Mark Smith
1st Sgt.
U.S. Army / Mid –East

Sgt. James Edward Soens
U.S. Army / WWII, Germany 1945-1946

George Stretch
U.S. Army / Air Force

Sean Garrett Stretch
Sergeant 1st 4oth Calvary Airborne / Fister
U.S. Army / Afghanistan Conflict

Jonathan Suire
Kosovo War / Peace Support Operations Slovakia / OEF Horn of Africa

John (Mike) Tinling
E-5, P.O.2nd,
U.S. Navy / Mid East Era

Allan J. Treml
U.S. Army / Korean War

Fabijonas Valinski
U.S. Air Force / Vietnam War

Miguel Angel Villalon
PFC 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne
U.S. Army / Afghanistan

Andrew H. Walker, Jr.
U.S. Air Force / Vietnam War

Walter F. Wetzel
U.S. Marine Corps / Korean War

William H. Wilson
U.S. Marine Corps

Rick W. Yeager
U.S. Air Force / Falkland Islands War


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